Postdoctoral Scholar Awards and Programs

2022 Postdoctoral Awardees

For Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral Scholar Research Excellence Award

This award honors postdoctoral scholars who have made innovative and significant research contributions to their field of study.

Postdoctoral Scholar Excellence Award for Teaching and Mentoring Students

This award honors postdoctoral scholars who have made innovative and significant contributions to training future scientists at Iowa State. Receiving this award may reflect a postdoctoral scholar’s excellence in either classroom teaching or in supervision of undergraduate or graduate students in research.

Postdoctoral Mentoring Program

To acknowledge the critical role mentoring plays for the postdoctoral scholars at our institution, the Graduate College has developed this program to encourage postdoctoral scholars and mentors to dedicate time each month for career and professional development. A certificate of completion will be awarded to the postdoctoral scholars and their mentors who complete the program.

Postdoctoral Seed Grant Award

These competitive grants provide postdoctoral scholars a valuable opportunity to apply for research funding in the role of a principal investigator. Postdoctoral scholars are expected to develop independent research, and this grant is an opportunity to gain experience doing so.

For Principal Investigators

Postdoctoral Principal Investigator Mentoring Award

This award recognizes principal investigators’ excellence in their mentorship of postdoctoral scholars. The purpose of the award is to promote a collaborative research environment for postdoctoral scholars at Iowa State, eventually leading to their successful transitions to the next stage in their career.