Medical, Pharmacy, Vision and Dental Benefits

Medical, Pharmacy, Vision and Dental Benefits: Predoctoral and postdoctoral scholars are eligible for medical, pharmacy, vision and dental coverage. Specific information regarding plan eligibility, costs and coverage are available at:

Paid Leave

Vacation days accrue at the rate of two days per calendar month worked. Vacation days are not allowed to carry over from one appointment to another, nor can they be paid out at the end of an appointment. Predoctoral and postdoctoral scholars are not eligible to participate in the ISU Catastrophic Illness or Injury policy. Therefore, they cannot donate or receive donations of leave for a catastrophic illness or injury.

Sick leave accrues at the rate of one and a half days per calendar month worked. Sick leave cannot be paid out at the end of an appointments, but they can be carried forward to another position at ISU if there is a lapse of 30 days or less between positions.

University Holidays

All faculty and staff (including predoctoral and postdoctoral scholars), except employees paid on the XH pay base, are entitled to eleven paid holidays each calendar year consisting of nine scheduled university holidays and two personal holidays. Personal holidays are included in the employee's monthly vacation accrual.

Bridge Funding: Arrival of New Child

Starting July 1, 2013, graduate assistants, predoctoral scholars, and postdoctoral scholars may request up to six weeks of funding for the arrival of a new child. The intent is to provide term funding for up to six weeks to temporarily replace the normal missions oriented funding for all graduate assistants, post docs, and pre docs who will be the primary caregivers after the birth or adoption of a child. Please review the Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions that are attached to the request form for more information.

Retirement Benefits

All predoctoral and scholars are eligible to participate in the retirement options found at:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

All Iowa State University employees have access to this program. The EAP is a 24/7 direct line to free, confidential and professional help when you need it. Eligible Participants include you, family members living in your home, and legal dependents who may live elsewhere.

Additional information on EAP can be found at:

For additional information on benefits, contact the Benefits office by phone at (515) 294-4800 or 877-477-7485 by e-mail at: .

Workplace Accomodations

Postdoctoral scholars are eligible to request accommodations (disability, religious, and ergonomic) using these resources.