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All students enrolled in more than four credit hours are assessed the mandatory health fee each semester. The health fee enables the availability of high quality and accessible health care to the ISU student community by helping support the overall costs of the health center. The health fee is not health insurance.

For health insurance coverage, you may purchase a Group Health Insurance plan, which covers hospitalization, accident expenses, surgery and maternity benefits for yourself, your lawful spouse or domestic partner, and your eligible children. A graduate student on a graduate assistantship receives single student coverage free of charge and has the option of paying premiums for coverage for his/her spouse and children.

Graduate assistants are automatically enrolled in the medical plan. Dependents must be added within 30 days of the hire date of the graduate assistant. To enroll dependents, visit the SSHIP website or their offices at 3810 Beardshear.

Prescription Drug Benefit

Graduate students who currently hold a graduate assistantship receive single coverage free of charge in a prescription drug benefit program that reduces the cost of generic and brand-name drugs purchased at the Student Health Center Pharmacy. For an additional fee, the spouse and children of a graduate student holding a graduate assistantship may also be enrolled in the Prescription Drug Benefit Program as long as they are also enrolled in the Group Health Insurance plan. Graduate students who do not have a graduate assistantship and their families are not eligible for this benefit. For information, contact the Student Health Center Pharmacy. Enrollment information is available through the SSHIP website or in their offices at 3810 Beardshear; this option must be paid through payroll deduction.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance for graduate students, and their lawful spouse or domestic partner and families is available and may be purchased for an additional premium. You may enroll in this plan by visiting the SSHIP website or their offices at 3810 Beardshear. Various payment plans are available.