Program Contacts

DOGEs for Majors

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Program DOGE Email
Accounting Olena Watanabe
Accounting Analytics Olena Watanabe
Aerospace Engineering Hui Hu
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Steve Freeman
Agricultural Economics Brent Kreider
Agricultural Economics Hongli Feng
Agricultural Education Nancy Grudens-Schuck
Agricultural Education Mike Martin
Agricultural Meteorology Brian Hornbuckle
Agronomy Mary Wiedenhoeft
Analytical Chemistry Yan Zhao
Analytical Chemistry Aaron Rossini
Animal Breeding and Genetics Nicholas Gabler
Animal Physiology Nicholas Gabler
Animal Science Nicholas Gabler
Anthropology Sebastian Braun
Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Ann-Marie Fiore
Applied Linguistics and Technology Bethany Gray
Applied Mathematics James Rossmanith
Applied Physics Charles Kerton
Architecture Douglas Spencer
Architecture Merate Barakat
Artificial Intelligence Pavan Aduri
Astrophysics Charles Kerton
Athletic Training Mary Meier
Biochemistry Scott Nelson
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Justin Walley
Biomedical Sciences Vlastik Bracha
Biophysics Scott Nelson
Business Administration Valentina Salotti
Business Analytics Lingyao Yuan
Business and Technology Mike Howard
Chemical Engineering Matt Panthani
Chemistry Yan Zhao
Chemistry Aaron Rossini
Civil Engineering Behrouz Shafei
Community and Regional Planning Biswa Das
Community Development Francis Owusu
Community Development Biswa Das
Computer Engineering Jaeyoun Kim
Computer Science Pavan Aduri
Condensed Matter Physics Charles Kerton
Creative Writing and Environment Bethany Gray
Crop Production and Physiology Fernando Miguez
Cyber Security Doug Jacobson
Diet and Exercise Peter Clark
Earth Science Elizabeth Swanner
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Amy Toth
Economics Brent Kreider
Education Ann Gansemer-Topf
Electrical Engineering Jaeyoun Kim
Energy Systems Engineering Mark Mba-Wright
Engineering Management Gary Mirka
Engineering Mechanics Hui Hu
English Bethany Gray
Entomology Matt O'Neal
Entrepreneurship Brandon Mueller
Environmental Science Thomas Isenhart
Event Management Joan Su
Family and Consumer Sciences Jennifer Margrett
Finance Travis Sapp
Fisheries Biology Julie Blanchong
Food Safety and Defense Byron Brehm-Stecher
Food Science and Technology Joey Talbert
Forestry Julie Blanchong
Genetics and Genomics Josh Selsby
Geology Elizabeth Swanner
Gerontology Jennifer Margrett
Graduate Studies Teaching Certificate Clark Coffman
Graphic Design Alex Braidwood
Healthcare Analytics and Operations Kevin Scheibe
High Energy Physics Charles Kerton
History Kathleen Hilliard
Horticulture Rajeev Arora
Hospitality Management SoJung Lee
Human Computer Interaction Stephen Gilbert
Human Development and Family Studies Tricia Neppl
Immunobiology Douglas Jones
Industrial and Agricultural Technology Steve Freeman
Industrial Design Akshay Sharm
Industrial Engineering Gary Mirka
Information Systems Rui Chen
Inorganic Chemistry Yan Zhao
Inorganic Chemistry Aaron Rossini
Integrated Visual Arts Emily Morgan
Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Bill Graves
Interior Design Diane Alshihabi
Journalism and Mass Communication Kelly Winfrey
Kinesiology Jason Gillette
Landscape Architecture Heidi Hohmann
Materials Science and Engineering Ralph Napolitano
Mathematics James Rossmanith
Mathematics Education Ann Gansemer-Topf
Meat Science Nicholas Gabler
Mechanical Engineering Pranav Shrotriya
Meteorology Xiaoqing Wu
Microbiology Melha Mellata
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Mohan Gupta
Neuroscience Elizabeth Stegemoller
Nuclear Physics Charles Kerton
Nutritional Sciences Kevin Schalinske
Organic Chemistry Yan Zhao
Organic Chemistry Aaron Rossini
Physical Chemistry Yan Zhao
Physical Chemistry Aaron Rossini
Physics Charles Kerton
Plant Biology Olga Zabotina
Plant Breeding Maria Salas-Fernandez
Plant Pathology Gary Munkvold
Political Science Amy Smith
Population Sciences in Animal Health Daniel Linhares
Professional Agriculture Greg Miller
Professional Practice in Dietetics Mridul Datta
Psychology Chris Meissner
Real Estate Development James Brown
Rhetoric and Professional Communication Bethany Gray
Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication Bethany Gray
Rural Agricultural Technological and Environmental History Kathleen Hilliard
Rural Sociology Kyle Burgason
Science Education Ann Gansemer-Topf
Secondary Education Ann Gansemer-Topf
Seed Technology and Business Gary Munkvold
Sociology Kyle Burgason
Soil Science Bradley Miller
Statistics Ulrike Genschel
Statistics Jarad Niemi
Sustainable Agriculture Matt O'Neal
Sustainable Environments Rob Whitehead
Systems Engineering Gary Mirka
Teaching English as a Second Language/Applied Linguistics Bethany Gray
Toxicology Aileen Keating
Transportation Jing Dong
Urban Design Rob Whitehead
Veterinary Clinical Science Albert Jergens
Veterinary Microbiology Iddo Friedberg
Veterinary Pathology Claire Andreasen
Veterinary Pathology Todd Bell
Veterinary Preventive Medicine Daniel Linhares
Wildlife Ecology Julie Blanchong
Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy John Jackman

DOGEs for Minors

You can click on the name of a program to see further information about its director(s) and staff.

Program DOGE Email
Applied Scientific Computing Paul Durbin
Criminal Justice Kyle Burgason
French Ruxandra Looft
German Ruxandra Looft
Latin Ruxandra Looft
Linguistics Bethany Gray
Philosophy Heimir Geirsson
Russian Ruxandra Looft
Spanish Ruxandra Looft
Speech Communication Bethany Gray
Technology and Social Change Arne Hallam
Women's and Gender Studies Kelly Winfrey

DOCs for Certificate

You can click on the name of a program to see further information about its director(s) and staff.

Program DOGE Email
Advanced Manufacturing Gary Mirka
Advanced Manufacturing Pranav Shrotriya
Agronomy Mary Wiedenhoeft
Applied Research Methods in the Human Sciences Michael Brown
Biochemistry Scott Nelson
Breeding for Organic Crops Asheesh Singh
Business Analytics Lingyao Yuan
Community College Leadership Anne Foegen
Community College Teaching Anne Foegen
Computer Networking Joseph Zambreno
Construction Management Roy Sturgill
Cyber Security Doug Jacobson
Data Driven Food, Energy, and Water Decision Making Sarah Ryan
Developmental and Family Sciences Advanced Research Design and Methods Tricia Neppl
Digital Marketplace Analytics Ann Marie Fiore
Digital Marketplace Analytics Lingyao Yuan
Early Childhood and Family Policy Jennifer Margrett
Education and Outreach in Agriculture and Natural Resources Nancy Grudens-Schuck
Education for Social Justice TJ Stewart
Embedded Systems Joseph Zambreno
Energy Systems Engineering Mark Mba-Wright
Enterprise Cybersecurity Management Kevin Scheibe
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Brandon Mueller
Environmental Engineering James Alleman
Environmental Systems James Alleman
Family Financial Planning Jonathan Fox
Family Well-Being in Diverse Society Tricia Neppl
Finance Travis Sapp
Financial and Housing Counseling Jonathan Fox
Food Safety and Defense Byron Brehm-Stecher
Forensic Sciences Andrew Somerville
Geographic Information Systems Monica Haddad
Gerontology Jennifer Margrett
Graduate Student Teaching Clark Coffman
Human Computer Interaction Stephen Gilbert
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Tricia Neppl
Instructional Design Denise Crawford
Lifespan Development Tricia Neppl
Literacy Coaching Certificate Jeanne Dyches
Mathematics Bernard Lidicky
Mathematics Amanda Hallman
Meat Science Rodrigo Tarte
Nondestructive Evaluation Stephen Holland
Postsecondary Teaching Ann Gansemer-Topf
Power Systems Engineering Jim McCalley
Preservation and Cultural Heritage Mikesch Muecke
Public Management and Policy Amy Erica Smith
Quantitative Psychology Marcus Crede
Seed Business Management Gary Munkvold
Seed Science and Technology Gary Munkvold
Special Education Anne Foegen
Superintendent Licensure Anita Micich
Supply Chain Management Haoze Chen
Systems Engineering Gary Mirka
Teaching English as a Second Language/Teaching English as a Foreign Language Bethany Gray
Veterinary Preventive Medicine Daniel Linhares
Youth Development Specialist Jennifer Margrett
Youth Program Management and Evaluation Jennifer Margrett

Postdoc Contacts

Department Contact Email
Aerospace Engineering (AER E) Hui Hu
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (A B E) Steve Freeman
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE A) Steve Freeman
Agronomy (AGRON) Kendall Lamkey
Animal Science (AN S) Nicholas Gabler
Biochemistry Biophysics and Molecular Biology (BBMBS) Yeon-Kyun Shin
Biomedical Sciences (B M S) M. Heather West Heather
Chemical and Biological Engineering (C B E) David Welshhons
Chemistry (CHEM) Gordon Miller
Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCE E) Omar Smadi
Computer Science (COM S) Pavan Aduri
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Jonathan Wendel
Ecology Evolution and Organismal Biology (EEOBA) Jonathan Wendel
Ecology Evolution and Organismal Biology (EEOBS) Jonathan Wendel
Economics (ECONA) Joshua Rosenbloom
Economics (ECONS) Joshua Rosenbloom
Education (EDUC) Jennifer Margrett
Electrical and Computer Engineering (E CPE) Jaeyoun Kim
Entomology (ENT) Aaron Gassmann
Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHNA) Ruth MacDonald
Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHNH) Ruth MacDonald
Genetics and Genomics (GENGM) Clark Coffman
Genetics Development and Cell Biology (GDCBA) Clark Coffman
Genetics Development and Cell Biology (GDCBS) Clark Coffman
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences (GE AT) Kristie Franz
Human Development and Family Studies (HD FS) Tricia Neppl
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) Gary Mirka
Kinesiology (KIN) Li-Shan Chou
Materials Science and Engineering (M S E) Ralph Napolitano
Materials Science and Engineering (M S E) Julie Kuhlman
Mathematics (MATH) Bernard Lidicky
Mechanical Engineering (M E) Pranav Shrotriya
Natural Resource Ecology and Management (NREM) Julie Blanchong
Physics and Astronomy (PHYSA) Charles Kerton
Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Microbiology (PPEM) Thomas Baum
Political Science (POL S) Mack Shelley
Psychology (PSYCH) Jonathan Kelly
Veterinary Clinical Science (V C S) Albert Jergens
Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine (VDPAM) Daniel Linhares
Veterinary Microbiology & Preventive Medicine (V MPM) Gregory Phillips

Department Chairs

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