Graduate Assistantships

Approximately 80% of our Ph.D. students and 35% of our master's students receive a graduate assistantship (the percentages can differ greatly among disciplines). These graduate teaching, research, and administrative assistantships, and fellowships are available through the individual programs and affiliated research institutes in each academic college. To learn of these opportunities, contact your department or program of interest. For specifics about graduate assistantships, please refer to the Graduate College Handbook.


Graduate assistants must:

In addition, teaching assistants (and other graduate students who have teaching responsibilities) who are not native speakers of American English must take International TA Program (oral proficiency) tests before being assigned teaching duties by their department. If the international TAs test are below level-one they are required to take 1-2 semesters of communication classes. See the testing section for more details.


For the latest stipend amounts, visit the Stipend Ranges page. The stipend is subject to income tax withholding requirements as payment for work. For information on loans and other types of employment, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid, 0210 Beardshear Hall, 515-294-2223.

Tuition and Fee Reduction, and Other Benefits

Graduate assistantship support is generally available for 3 years of full-time study for the master's degree or 5 years for the doctorate, although shorter periods may be stipulated by individual departments. Graduate students who are studying at ISU on a visa should contact the International Students & Scholars Office, located in Suite 3241 in the Memorial Union.