Postdoctoral Research Resources


Welcome from the Postdoctoral Scholar Office

Postdoctoral Scholar Orientation – Attend the orientation given by the Postdoctoral Office. Both principal investigators (PI) and postdoctoral scholar will receive email invites. Orientations are given several times throughout the year.

ISU Postdoc Association (PDA) - Attend the General Meetings. The PDA provides a professional setting with guest speakers, great peer connections and discussions at social gatherings.

Ask your PI for available resources in the lab and at ISU that could facilitate the start-up period.

Postdocs will receive a welcome email from the postdoctoral scholar Office and also from the ISU Postdoc Association.

Benefits - An information packet will be sent in the email two to three weeks after your appointment begins.


Communication and Mentoring

Utilize the ISU Postdoctoral Scholar Experience Outline as a communication tool to discuss with your PI/Mentor your scientific, educational, and professional goals, expectations, etc.

Ask for any questions/clarification from your PI, colleagues, and department staff. Do not worry: Asking for clarification is expected. Having a clear understanding leads to meeting goals and achieving success.

Take the initiative - Seek additional mentors.