Postdoctoral Scholar Research Excellence Award

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Award Description

This award honors postdoctoral scholars who have made innovative and significant research contributions to their field of study. Four postdoctoral scholars will be selected for the award, and they will each receive a certificate and $100.


Current postdoctoral scholars who have spent at least six months at Iowa State are eligible for this award. They must have conducted research during their postdoctoral appointment, and they must have their appointment through the nomination deadline.


Postdocs nominated for this award must have substantially shaped research that significantly advanced knowledge in their field. Additionally, their research must have been accepted (or be under review) for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.


A postdoctoral scholar’s principal investigator (PI) must provide a nomination letter that includes a description of each criterion described above.

Postdoctoral scholars should also provide an application letter with a brief biography (350-word limit); an abstract describing their research at Iowa State and the significance of that research (500-word limit); and a current CV with postdoctoral publications highlighted. Applicants may also include one additional reference letter from a faculty member other than their PI. The writer can be a faculty member at any institution.

Applications for this award are accepted each spring semester. Details for submission will be updated each year in March.

2023 Proposal information and formatting guidelines PDF

Previous Recipients:

Dr. Radwa Barakat
Dr. Melissa Bredow
Dr. Yuting (Emily) Li
Dr. Alexey Markin
Dr. Mariela Srednik
Dr. Mohsen Aliabadi
Dr. Amro Hashish
Dr. Jungkuk Lee
Dr. Santanu Pakhira
Dr. Jien Zhang
Dr. Shujun Ou
Dr. Abhishek Sarkar
Dr. Cassandra Stambuk
Dr. Thaís Victa Trevisan
Dr. Volodymyr Gvozdetskyi
Dr. Victor Quito
Dr. Xinchun Tian
Dr. Muhammed Walugembe
Dr. Azahar Ali
Dr. Raimund Nagel
Dr. Jian Wang
Dr. Zhen Yu
Dr. Yang Sun
Dr. Metin Uz
Dr. Wenjuan Huang
Honorable Mention:
Dr. Shanthi Ganesan