Postdoctoral Scholar Excellence Award for Teaching and Mentoring Students

Postdoctoral Seed Award and tshirt

Award Description

This award honors postdoctoral scholars who have made innovative and significant contributions to training future scientists, and who exemplify excellence in the teaching and learning mission of Iowa State. This award may reflect excellence in either classroom teaching or in supervision of undergraduate or graduate students in research. Two postdoctoral scholars will be selected for the award, and they will each receive a certificate and $100.


Current postdoctoral scholars who have spent at least six months at Iowa State are eligible for this award. They must have their postdoctoral appointment through the nomination deadline.


Postdoctoral scholars nominated should have implemented learning experiences (teaching or mentoring) for students at any level, displayed excellence in the clarity and quality of their instruction, provided guidance to students regarding career directions, and adhered to ISU's principles of community.


Postdoctoral scholars may nominate themselves for this award. Their nomination should include a one-page letter that describes their teaching experience and evidence of mentoring students as documented by the PI, the program director, a student and/or the faculty member who works closely with the nominee. If available, include one or more brief paragraphs of support from students who have benefitted from the postdoctoral scholar’s mentoring or instruction.

Postdocs should also provide an application letter with a brief biography (350-word limit); a teaching statement that includes teaching and mentoring experiences at Iowa State (two-page limit); and a current CV with information related to this award. If available, applicants should also include student evaluation data with a clear explanation of the characteristics being evaluated and the rating scale being used.

Applications for this award are accepted each spring semester. Details for submission will be updated each year in March.

2023 Proposal information and formatting guidelines PDF


Dr. Bryan Curtis
Dr. Emily Heath
Dr. Carrie Ann Johnson
Dr. Phillip Klahs
Dr. Matthew Mastroeni
Dr. Susheel Nethi
Dr. Mohsen Aliabadi
Dr. Daniel Carrera
Dr. Arpa Ghosh
Dr. Shawana Tabassum
Dr. Malavika Adur
Dr. Jesse Geneson