Postdoctoral Principal Investigator Mentoring Award

Postdoctoral Research Award on shirt


This award recognizes principal investigators’ excellence in their mentorship of postdoctoral scholars. The purpose of the award is to promote a collaborative research environment for postdoctoral scholars at Iowa State, eventually leading to their successful transitions to the next stage in their career. Two faculty members will be selected yearly for this award and will receive a certificate.


Principal investigators nominated for this award should display excellence in the quality of the scientific training and career-oriented mentoring they provide to postdocs. A PI cannot receive this award if they have previously won the award in the past five years.


Only the PI’s current postdoctoral scholar or a former postdoctoral scholar who has completed the postdoctoral training within two years can nominate their mentor at Iowa State University.

Applications for this award are accepted each spring semester. Details for submission will be updated each year in March.

The following documents should be submitted in a single file, with the subject line “Nomination for Postdoctoral Mentoring Award.”

2023 Nomination Information and Award Form PDF


Dr. Mohamed El-Gazzar
Dr. Yang Yang
Dr. Christian Meissner
Dr. Yuyu Zhou
Dr. Ikenna C. Nlebedim
Dr. Shira Zerbib
Dr. Stephanie Madon
Dr. Behrouz Shafei
Dr. Mark Gordon
Dr. Leslie Hogben