Diversity in the Graduate College

The excellence we experience in our classrooms and labs is, in large part, tied to Iowa State’s commitment to diversity. A wide range of perspectives spurs creativity, which is essential to strong scholarship and research. Our goal is to have diversity at ISU extend beyond our campus, thereby enriching Ames and the surrounding region.

The Graduate College works to increase diversity, to support students, and to ensure that access to graduate study is possible. At ISU, you will find a wide range of services to help you achieve your goals. They include the Mentoring Program for First Year Underrepresented Students, the Graduate Assistantship Program (GMAP), and the dedicated professional staff of the Graduate College. The networks of opportunity are not limited to campus. They can be found in surrounding communities where many ISU graduate students contribute their time and talents to help others.

You can read the biographies of the students below by clicking on the image.