Michael Dairyko

My name is Michael Dairyko and I received my Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Pomona College in 2013. Currently, I am a graduate student in Mathematics here at Iowa State University doing research with Professor Derrick Stolee in an area called Discrete Mathematics, specifically in the realm of Graph Theory.

I was awarded an honorable mention for a research proposal that was submitted to the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program. I was also nominated and elected by my peers to be a part of the mathematics graduate school organization, whose job is to be a voice for the mathematics graduate students within the department.

I enjoy being able to give back to the ISU mathematics department because of the great community and diversity. When I am not ‘mathing,’ I enjoy playing water polo with the Iowa State Water Polo Club and Hip Hop dancing. After I receive my Ph.D., I hope to become a professor at a small liberal arts college where the climate is warm.