Zaffarano Award Recipients

Names followed by no designation are winners. Names followed by (HM) are honorable mentions.

Year Name of Student Academic Association(s)
2018 Neelam Prabhu-Gaunkar Electrical & Computer Engineering
2018 Kevin Clark (HM) Chemistry
2018 Austin Downey (HM) Mechanical Engineering
2018 Mohamed Elkashef (HM) Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
2017 Jephian C.-H Lin Mathematics
2017 Anthony Fontanini (HM) Mechanical Engineering
2017 Sara Kay Kvidera (HM) Animal Science
2016 Shen Xu Mechanical Engineering
2016 Holly Walen (HM) Chemistry
2016 Kasra Momeni (HM) Aerospace Engineering
2015 Hanzheng Guo Materials Science and Engineering
2015 Ammar Melaibari Mechanical Engineering
2015 Youngwon Kim Kinesiology
2014 Ting Li Genetics
2013 Joseph Miller Mechanical Engineering
2013 Cheng Ma (HM) Materials and Science Engineering
2012 Min Gyu Kim Condensed Matter Physics; Department of Physics and Astronomy
2012 Michael Zimmermann (HM) Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology
2011 Ramkrishna Adhikary Chemistry
2011 Amit Pande (HM) Electrical and Computer Engineering
2010 Yili Hong Statistics
2010 W. Brent Edwards (HM) Kinesiology and Nutrition
2010 Jun Wang (HM) Materials Science and Engineering
2009 Adam J. Clark Meteorology; Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
2009 Jeffry D. Sander Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
2008 Scott J Emrich Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Electrical and Computer Engineering; The Center for Plant Genomics
2008 Keri Henderson (HM) Toxicology; Entomology
2008 Baris Unal (HM) Materials Science and Engineering
2007 Sergiy Peleshanko Materials Science and Engineering
2007 Jenny Barker Devine (HM) History
2006 Kirsten Larson Genson Materials Science and Engineering
2006 Ryan Olson (HM) Chemistry
2006 Brian Trewyn (HM) Chemistry
2005 Matthew J.Kipper Chemical Engineering
2005 Jared Anderson (HM) Chemistry
2004 Pramit Chowdhury Chemistry
2004 John Orrock (HM) Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2004 John Hitchcock (HM) Computer Science
2003 Alain Laederach Chemical Engineering; Bioinformatics
2003 Gerd Bobe (HM) Chemistry
2003 Haiming Zhang (HM) Chemistry
2002 Gregory Brown Health & Human Performance
2002 Scott Nelson Biochemistry
2002 Petr Vojtechovsky Mathematics
2001 Jack Jie Dai Mathematics & Computer Science
2000 Xiaodong Liu Chemistry
1999 Matthew Evans Chemistry
1998 Douglas English Chemistry
1997 Pedro Coutinho Chemical Engineering
1997 Bosco D’Sa (HM) Chemistry
1996 Xiang-Jin Meng Immunobiology (MIPM)
1996 Byoung Jin Suh Physics & Astronomy
1995 Jan Jensen Chemistry
1995 Beongki Cho (HM) Physics & Astronomy
1994 Feng Gai Chemistry
1994 Jiansheng Tang (HM) Chemistry
1993 Bulin Zhang Physics & Astronomy
1993 Slavi Sevov Chemistry
1993 S. P. Dinesh-Kumar (HM) Plant Pathology & MCDB
1992 Warren Johnson Animal Ecology
1992 Li Chen (HM) Chemistry
1991 David Sanders Chemistry
1991 Charles Fox (HM) Veterinary Anatomy/MCDB
1991 Jay Ver Hoef (HM) Statistics/Ecology
1990 Andrew Fix Vet Pathology
1990 Kevin Norwood (HM) Chemistry
1990 Feng Liu (HM) Biochemistry & Biophysics
1989 Mary Walczak Chemistry
1989 Andy Leonard (HM) Chemical Engineering
1989 Gregory McCarty (HM) Agronomy