Appendix - F: Dual-Listed Courses

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Dual-listed courses permit undergraduate and graduate students to be in the same class, but to receive credit under two different course numbers.

Departments must request permission to offer courses at the graduate level in conjunction with 300-400 level undergraduate courses. The request is made to the Graduate Curriculum and Catalog Committee. If the dual-listed course is also an experimental course, submit the experimental course form to the Scheduling Office, 10 Enrollment Services Center. In reviewing proposals for dual-listed courses, this committee needs to understand the department’s rationale for offering the course. When a department submits a request, an explanation should be given of the purpose served by the course and the criteria used by the department to determine if the course is suitable for dual-listing. Please submit the proposal in electronic form as a word attachment to A Word version of this document can be found on the Graduate College website at