Appendix - F: Dual-Listed Courses

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Dual-listed courses permit undergraduate and graduate students to be in the same class but to receive credit under two different course numbers.

Departments must request permission to offer 400-level courses in conjunction with 500-level courses. The request is made to the Graduate Curriculum and Catalog Committee (GCCC) through the Course Inventory Management System. The dual-list form must be filled out in its entirety and uploaded to the course management system. If the 400- or 500-level course (or both) will be experimental courses, that will need to be noted in the system as well. In reviewing proposals for dual-listed courses, the GCCC is looking for evidence that there are differentiated expectations for students who take the 400-level course and students who take the 500-level course. They are also reviewing to ensure the content of the course is a suitable level for graduate and undergraduate students.