Master's Non Thesis Requirements

Please refer to the Graduate College deadlines for term-specific dates. Students are encouraged to complete the steps below as early in the semester as possible, and students are responsible to adhere to the published deadlines to graduate in the term desired. Failure to meet all deadlines will result in postponing graduation to a later term.

  1. Program of Study & Committee Online Form (POSC)

    • The Program of Study and Committee appointment form must be approved by the Graduate College no later than the term before the final oral examination. In order for the POSC to be approved in any given term, the online form must be approved by the Graduate College by the published deadline for that term.
  2. Application for Graduation

    • Apply for graduation through Access Plus.
    • Students who will not meet the graduation requirements for a given term are responsible to withdraw their application through Access Plus by the cancellation deadline.
  3. Registration/Tuition

    • Students must register for the minimum tuition fee (tuition equivalent of one credit) or GR ST 681B “Examination Only” credit as an Iowa State University graduate student in the term in which the final oral examination is taken.
    • If the final oral examination is taken between terms (including the first day of classes for the later term), registration can be for either the term before or the term after the examination date.
    • International students holding F-1 or J-1 visas may have additional registration requirements and should contact the International Students and Scholars office as early as possible.
  4. Request for Final Oral Examination

    • Submit the Final Oral Exam Request online to the Graduate College a minimum of three weeks before the requested exam date.
    • The Final Oral Exam Request must be received by the Graduate College no later than the cancellation deadline in the term of graduation. Students who do not meet this deadline will have their graduation cancelled by the Graduate College.
    • The final oral examination must be held no later than three weeks before the end of the term of graduation. See deadlines for more information.
  5. Report of Final Oral Examination

    • This form is sent to the department/program through email once the Request for Final Oral Examination has been approved by the Graduate College.
    • The report form, with all required signatures, should be submitted to the Graduate College immediately following the examination.
  6. Graduate Student Approval Form

    • Your major professor(s) and committee members review the content and format of your final creative component when you complete your final oral exam.
    • Once you pass your final oral exam and make all the changes to your creative component, the major professor(s) and DOGE(s) will sign your Graduate Student Approval Form. Co-majors and minors will need signatures from all departments involved.
    • Verify that all grades for Incompletes and Non-Report grades from previous terms have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
    • Any conditions placed on the final oral examination must be removed by the major professor and/or committee members, as designated on the Report of Final Oral Examination Form.
    • The Graduate Student Approval Form must be submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline of the appropriate term.
  7. Submit Creative Component to ISU Digital Repository

    • Create an account in the ISU Digital Repository, if you have not already done so, (My Account).
    • Upload and submit your creative component following the Graduate College graduation deadlines.
    • Look for approval e-mail.
    • The creative component will be published in the ISU Digital Repository during the month following graduation.
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – coming soon.
  8. Final Step

    • Final clearance of academic requirements will be made when current term grades have been submitted and evaluated by the Graduate College.