Withholding Thesis / Dissertation and Copyright


ISU, as a public institution, is obliged to make our research available to the public in a timely manner. ISU discourages embargoes and requires students to use requests for embargoes with great care.

In the event that a temporary embargo is needed, here are the options:

Students should always check with the journal where their paper is published to find out if an embargo is needed. A possible alternative is to put the statement 'Modified from a paper accepted by (or 'published in') The Journal of XYZ' and then modify your thesis/dissertationversion of your journal paper so that it is different in some way.


Copyright can be formally requested when the thesis/dissertationis submitted to ProQuest for an additional $75 fee. If this option is chosen, ProQuest will submit two copies of the thesis/dissertationto the Library of Congress. Should legal issues come up, documentation of copyright has already been established. If journal papers with multiple authors are included in the dissertation/thesis, ProQuest will not accept a copyright request. A copyright can be filed later by the student on their own.

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