Withholding Dissertation / Thesis and Copyright

The ProQuest/UMI dissertation/thesis submission site allows authors to select a 6 month to two year embargo/hold on their dissertation/thesis. ISU, as a public institution, is obliged to make our research available to the public in a timely manner. ISU discourages embargoes and requires students to use this UMI feature with great care.

If you do need to place a hold on your dissertation/thesis, you can do it in one of two ways.

As a simpler alternative, you can put: 'Modified from a paper accepted by (or 'published in') The Journal of XYZ' and then modify your dissertation/thesis version of your journal paper so that it is different in some way.

To protect the right of authorship by copyright, it is only necessary under current law to put a notice of copyright on the title page. The copyright notice should give the full legal name of the author matching the name under the title of the title page, and is centered at the bottom of the title page. (See title page examples.)

If the dissertation/thesis has a notice of copyright and also has been registered with the copyright office, legal damages may be awarded and may include attorney's fees for prosecuting the lawsuit. Registration of the dissertation or thesis with the copyright office can be done at the ProQuest/UMI submission website for an additional $65 fee.