Most Downloaded Dissertations and Theses

Below are the ten most downloaded theses and dissertations at Iowa State University of all time. You can click on the title to find more information about the dissertation /thesis. More details about any dissertation /thesis download can be found here.

Title Author Downloads
Managing school behavior: a qualitative case study Pamela R. Dodge 169,219
The benefits and challenges hospitality management students experience by working in conjunction with completing their studies Donald G. Schoffstall 88,700
A review of studies on luxury hotels over the past two decades Yin Chu 66,173
A novel and cost-effective hydrogen sulfide removal technology using tire derived rubber particles Andrea Mary Siefers 46,375
The effect of video games on family communication and interaction Dustin L. Redmond 38,681
Social media marketing in the hospitality industry: The role of benefits in increasing brand community participation and the impact of participation on consumer trust and commitment toward hotel and restaurant brands Juhee Kang 37,335
The effects of sleep on performance of undergraduate students working in the hospitality industry as compared to those who are not working in the industry Yu-Chih Chiang 34,410
Understanding second-hand retailing: A resource based perspective of best practices leading to business success Jinhee Han 29,438
Work life balance and job satisfaction among faculty at Iowa State University Farah Mukhtar 29,210
Digital classrooms, public profiles Sara C. Doan 27,665