Disability Accommodations

Iowa State University is committed to ensuring that graduate students receive appropriate reasonable accommodations so that all students are supported in all aspects of their educational experience.

Assistantship Accommodations

Individuals with physical or mental impairments who are otherwise qualified to perform their assistantship duties may request reasonable accommodations to enable them to perform duties. The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and Iowa's Civil Rights Act all enable covered individuals to receive accommodations so long as the accommodations are reasonable and do not cause an undue hardship. An individual's specific request for accommodation may not necessarily be granted if there are other effective means of achieving the same result. Individuals must communicate with university personnel to identify reasonable, effective accommodations. In addition, individuals seeking accommodations must supply documentation of their disability by completing a form and asking their health provider to complete a form specifying how the disability limits the individual and the nature of needed accommodations.

For accommodations in the process of applying for admission to a graduate program, applying for assistantships, or carrying out the duties of an assistantship appointment, please contact the Student Accessibility Services Office ().

Other Academic Accommodations

The Student Accessibility Services Office (SAS) at Iowa State University is a unit in the Dean of Students Office that supports students with disabilities related to the services and programs that enable their access to education and university life. SAS assists students in obtaining accommodations needed to succeed in their classwork, internships, and participation in campus activities. SAS believes that equity, social justice, and diversity are essential to creating/maintaining an environment of equal access and opportunity for all. We believe that disability is a naturally occurring aspect of the diversity of life, and that it is an integral part of both society and the Iowa State University campus community.

Students interested in applying for services should begin the process by reviewing our New Student Information and completing the online Registration Form.