Graduate College Career Services

Making Connections

The Graduate College Career Services office offers Iowa State University graduate students and postdoctoral scholars:

Contact Karin Lawton-Dunn – Graduate College Career Services Coordinator via email or via phone 515-294-6954 to discuss your needs. Join the ISU Careers LinkedIn group and join discussions about career searches.

Professional Development

Iowa State University also has a host of professional development opportunities available to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Please see the calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Time Category Event
03-22-2018 1:00pm Teaching CIRTL - Teaching as Mentorship: Understanding Classroom Impact
03-22-2018 3:00pm Research Library Workshop - Getting Started with Zotero
03-26-2018 9:15am Management Effective Teams: Navigating both Gender and Cultural Diversity
03-26-2018 2:00pm Teaching CIRTL - Writing an Effective Teaching Philosophy Statement
03-26-2018 7:00pm Miscellaneous ISU ADVANCE Lecture & Discussion
03-27-2018 10:30am Research Iowa State Research Day 2018
03-27-2018 1:30pm Communication CCE Seminar: Composing the Cover Letter
03-28-2018 2:10pm Communication CCE Seminar: Compiling the CV/Resume
03-29-2018 11:00am Teaching CIRTL - Science Communication for Any Audience
03-29-2018 1:00pm Career NCFDD - So You’re Thinking of Retiring: Imagining Life after the Academy
03-29-2018 3:00pm Research Library Workshop - Getting Started with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Makey Makey
03-30-2018 3:00pm Teaching Library workshop - Hands on History: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom
04-01-2018 1:38pm Research NCFDD - Spring 2018 14-Day Writing Challenge
04-03-2018 1:30pm Communication CCE Seminar: Crafting the Teaching Philosophy Statement
04-05-2018 2:10pm Communication CCE Seminar: Writing the Research Statement
04-05-2018 3:00pm Career Library Workshop - Shameless Self-Promotion: An Introduction to Professional and Academic Networking
04-09-2018 2:10pm Communication CCE Seminar: Preparing for the Interview
04-09-2018 2:30pm Career CIRTL - I Completed My IDP...Now What?
04-11-2018 1:30pm Communication Building Networking Skills
04-12-2018 9:00am Communication Thesis/Dissertation Boot Camp Session 3: Hands-on workshop and Q & A
04-12-2018 3:00pm Research Library Workshop - Getting Started with LaTeX
04-18-2018 4:00pm Teaching CIRTL - All-Network Teaching-as-Research Presentations