Soil Science


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Doctoral Degrees Offered: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Master Degrees Offered: Master of Science (M.S.)

Online Degrees: None

Area(s) of Specialization (will appear on all ISU transcripts after graduation): Soil Chemistry (M.S., Ph.D.); Soil Fertility (M.S., Ph.D.); Soil Management (M.S., Ph.D.); Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry (M.S., Ph.D.); Soil Morphology and Genesis (M.S., Ph.D.); Soil Physics (M.S., Ph.D.);

Learning Goals that students in this program are expected to meet include:

  1. Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of soil components and soil processes.
  2. Identify critical issues in fundamental and applied soil science and to formulate scientific approaches to those issues.
  3. Ability to apply knowledge of soil science to solve problems in nonacademic contexts and in collaboration with professionals in other disciplines.
  4. Demonstrate professional communication skills, using effective strategies both when writing technical reports, research proposals, journal articles, or popular press articles and when giving oral or poster presentations to scientific or lay audiences.
  5. Demonstrate an appreciation of the soil as a fundamental natural resource, deserving of wise use and protection.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues that pertain to soil science and science in general.
  7. Maintain, in collaboration with the faculty, an environment of discovery, professional pride, collaboration, and mutual support.

Doctoral Degree Outcomes

Master's Degree Outcomes

Career Placement Outcomes

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Contact: Kevin Desjean
Phone: 515-294-4161
E-mail Address:


ISU-wide: Academic Records, GPA, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation

Application Deadlines: Continual review, no deadlines for admission or assistantships. NOTE: In order to be admitted into the program potential students must have a faculty commitment to serve as major professor. Potential students should locate faculty whose work aligns with their educational and career goals and contact them directly BEFORE completing the application to inquire about open graduate positions and funding. Only applicants who are in contact with faculty, apply for the program, and receive a faculty commitment will be admitted into the program.

Program Requires GRE: No

Program Requires GMAT : No

Publications List if applicable should be submitted as PDF in the online application system
Resume and publication list should be submitted as PDFs in the online application system

Additional International Requirements:

English Proficiency Minimum:

TOEFL Paper (PBT) 550
TOEFL Internet (iBT) 79
PTE 53
Duolingo (approved through spring 2023) 105

Program Will Review Without TOEFL or IELTS: No

Financial Statement: Application

Mailing Address if needed:

Soil Science Graduate Programs
Iowa State University
2101 Agronomy Hall
716 Farm House Lane
Ames, IA 50011-1051