Dissertation / Thesis Template

Videos about formatting your dissertation/thesis can be found here.

Below are dissertation/thesis templates and examples you can use for formatting your dissertation/thesis. Another option is to format your own dissertation/thesis using the guidelines indicated in Organizing Your Thesis.

Microsoft Word

Journal Paper format: Use this style when you have published, have submitted, or will be submitting papers for publication. Each journal paper becomes a chapter complete with abstract, introduction, tables, figures, references, and appendices. References are put at the end of each chapter rather than at the end of the paper. The first chapter is Introduction. The last chapter is Conclusion.

Traditional format: All your references and appendices are at the end of the paper. No journal paper articles are included.


Templates for Journal Paper and Traditional formats are available on the Iowa State University Overleaf Template website: https://www.overleaf.com/edu/iastate#templates

All Iowa State University students, faculty and staff are entitled to claim a Professional Overleaf account, using LaTex for writing and publishing their projects, presentations, and research papers. Claim your account here. If you already have an Overleaf free) account, you can use your ISU e-mail to establish a Professional account.


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