Graduate Student and Postdoc Competencies

The Graduate College has identified six essential skills to help graduate students and postdocs become successful in their respective disciplines. The six core competencies are: Career, Communication, Leadership / Management, Research, Teaching, and Wellness.

The left-hand navigation shows multiple resources which are available free to our students and postdocs. Please note, for free membership for NPA register under "Affiliate Individual Member, Postdoc" and for NCFDD register under "Institutional Membership".

Time Category Event
2017-03-24 10:00am Career Cyclone Career Strategy Workshop Series - Week 1 of 4 workshops
2017-03-24 11:30am Teaching Seminar: ISU Online Learning Community (ISU-OLC) (formerly ISU-BUG)
2017-03-27 9:00am Miscellaneous Postdocs Only - ADVANCE Workshop: Diversity and Inclusion
2017-03-29 9:00am Career 2017 Biotechnology Symposium
2017-03-30 1:00pm Management Postdocs Only - Building an Effective Team
2017-03-30 3:00pm Teaching Library Workshop - Hands on History: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom
2017-03-31 10:00am Career Cyclone Career Strategy Workshop Series - Week 2 of 4 workshops
2017-04-04 12:00pm Miscellaneous Postdocs Only - 10 Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents
2017-04-05 11:00am Management NCFDD - FSP Preview Webinar: 5 Secrets to a Super-Productive Summer
2017-04-06 8:30am Wellness Postdocs Only - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
2017-04-06 12:00pm Miscellaneous Library Workshop - Exploring the Archives: A Case of Academic Freedom
2017-04-06 3:00pm Research Library Workshop - Getting Started with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Makey Makey
2017-04-07 10:00am Career Cyclone Career Strategy Workshop Series - Week 3 of 4 workshops
2017-04-10 10:52pm Research NCFDD - 14-Day Writing Challenge
2017-04-10 10:00am Teaching CIRTL - Your Turn: Topics from the Learning Community. Part of the series Teaching in the US
2017-04-12 11:00am Research NCFDD - Writing science: How to Write papers that get cited and proposals that get funded
2017-04-12 1:30pm Teaching CIRTL - Learning-through-Diversity
2017-04-14 10:00am Career Cyclone Career Strategy Workshop Series - Week 4 of 4 workshops
2017-04-17 3:00pm Teaching CIRTL - All-Network TAR Presentations. Part of the series Teaching-as-Research Capstone Series
2017-05-30 1:00pm Research NCFDD - Embracing Rejection: De-Stigmatizing Submissions and Purifying Your Writing Process