New Graduate Student Orientation

Fall 2017 Orientation Video

To view the Fall 2017 Graduate Student Orientation, please go to or watch above.


Online Orientation

As a new graduate student, we know your time is very valuable. The Graduate College has created this online orientation as a simple, convenient, and informative resource for new graduate students.

The purpose of this orientation is to familiarize you with a broad range of resources and to introduce you to the university and Ames community. This information is intended to help you facilitate a smooth transition as you begin your graduate studies. We hope that you will reference this site throughout your graduate studies. It is available via the Graduate College website any time you need it.

Almost every graduate program has its own orientation for new students. Some are elaborate, multi-day affairs that include tours around the state, while others are a simple, half-day of lectures and discussion. Regardless of its scope, your graduate program’s orientation is an opportunity for you to meet other graduate students as well as faculty and staff. It’s important that you know who they are and equally important that they know you. Check with graduate program staff in your home department or program to know the dates and times of orientation.

Feel free to visit us in 1137 Pearson Hall.

If you have suggestions or comments, please email us at .