F. Wendell Miller Scholarship Program

The Miller Scholarship is named for F. Wendell Miller, an attorney and farm manager from Rockwell City, Iowa. The Miller Endowment Trust was established from the Miller estate, with interest and income from the trust divided equally between the University of Iowa and Iowa State University to encourage the advancement of academic endeavors.  The focus of the scholarship is to increase the number of graduate students in areas that build upon university strengths and address local and global critical needs.  As a privately funded scholarship, the intent of the Miller Scholarship is to support domestic or international students who are deserving of financial assistance.


You cannot apply for the Miller Scholarship as a student.  You must be nominated by the Director of Graduate Education (DOGE) and meet the following eligibility criteria:

You need not hold a graduate assistantship to be eligible for the Miller Scholarship.

Financial Support

This scholarship may be combined with the George A. Jackson Award for those students who meet the Jackson eligibility requirements.