George A. Jackson Award

Named for Dr. George A. Jackson, former assistant dean of the Graduate College (1994-2009), this initiative aims to promote ethnic diversity and inclusion of graduate students from populations historically underrepresented in American higher education. The Award advances Dr. Jackson’s strong commitment to and passion for the recruitment and graduation of underrepresented students.


You cannot apply for a Jackson Award as a student. You must be nominated by the director of graduate education (DOGE) of your home department or program and meet the following eligibility requirements:

Financial Support

Program Expectations

Each nomination must include information about how you will be supported (onboarding, mentoring, advising, etc.) throughout your first year. Graduate College staff will follow-up with you throughout your first year and at the end to learn about your experience.

Student Expectations

As a recipient of these funds, students are expected to attend and present orally or in poster format (once for masters and twice for doctoral) at the Annual George A. Jackson Research Symposium. The Symposium is an event planned for graduate students by graduate students who receive diversity financial support from the Graduate College.