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DOGEs for Majors

Program DOGE Email
Accounting Anne Clem
Aerospace Engineering Hui Hu
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Steve Freeman
Agricultural Economics Quinn Weninger
Agricultural Education Greg Miller
Agricultural Meteorology Brian Hornbuckle
Agronomy Ken Moore
Analytical Chemistry Arthur Winter
Animal Breeding and Genetics Steven Lonergan
Animal Physiology Steven Lonergan
Animal Science Steven Lonergan
Anthropology Grant Arndt
Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Ann Marie Fiore
Applied Linguistics and Technology Linda Shenk
Applied Mathematics Sung-Yell Song
Applied Physics Steve Kawaler
Architecture Tom Leslie
Astrophysics Steve Kawaler
Biochemistry Richard Honzatko
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Carolyn Lawrence-Dill
Biomedical Sciences Richard Martin
Biophysics Richard Honzatko
Biorenewable Resources and Technology Jacqulyn Baughman
Business Administration Russ Laczniak
Business Analytics Sree Nilakanta
Business and Technology Joey George
Chemical Engineering Eric Cochran
Chemistry Arthur Winter
Civil Engineering Say Kee Ong
Community and Regional Planning Carlton Basmajian
Computer Engineering Ahmed Kamal
Computer Science Samik Basu
Condensed Matter Physics Steve Kawaler
Creative Writing and Environment Linda Shenk
Crop Production and Physiology Susana Goggi
Diet and Exercise Lorraine Lanningham-Foster
Earth Science Paul Spry
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Jeanne Serb
Economics Quinn Weninger
Education Anne Foegen
Electrical Engineering Ahmed Kamal
Energy Systems Engineering Ted Heindel
Engineering Management Dave Sly
Engineering Mechanics Hui Hu
English Linda Shenk
Entomology Joel Coats
Environmental Science Thomas Isenhart
Family and Consumer Sciences Brenda Lohman
Finance Travis Sapp
Fisheries Biology Stephen Dinsmore
Food Science and Technology Tong Wang
Forestry Stephen Dinsmore
Genetics and Genomics Thomas Peterson
Geology Paul Spry
Gerontology Jennifer Margrett
Graphic Design Lisa Fontaine
High Energy Physics Steve Kawaler
History Pamela Riney-Kehrberg
Horticulture Rajeev Arora
Hospitality Management Ann Marie Fiore
Human Computer Interaction James Oliver
Human Development and Family Studies Brenda Lohman
Immunobiology Randy Sacco
Industrial and Agricultural Technology Steve Freeman
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Gary Mirka
Industrial Design Seda Yilmaz
Information Assurance Doug Jacobson
Information Systems Jim Davis
Inorganic Chemistry Arthur Winter
Integrated Visual Arts Barbara Walton
Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Bill Graves
Interior Design Fred Malven
Journalism and Mass Communication Daniela Dimitrova
Kinesiology Jason Gillette
Landscape Architecture Miriam Engler
Materials Science and Engineering Ralph Napolitano
Mathematics Sung-Yell Song
Meat Science Steven Lonergan
Mechanical Engineering Abhijit Chandra
Meteorology Xiaoqing Wu
Microbiology Laura Jarboe
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Jason Ross
Neuroscience Heather Greenlee
Nuclear Physics Steve Kawaler
Nutritional Sciences Matthew Rowling
Organic Chemistry Arthur Winter
Physical Chemistry Arthur Winter
Physics Steve Kawaler
Plant Biology Diane Bassham
Plant Breeding William Beavis
Plant Pathology Gary Munkvold
Political Science Alex Tuckness
Professional Agriculture Greg Miller
Psychology Susan Cross
Rhetoric and Professional Communication Linda Shenk
Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication Linda Shenk
Rural Agricultural Technological and Environmental History Pamela Riney-Kehrberg
Rural Sociology Susan Stewart
School Mathematics Alejandro Andreotti
Science Education Ann Foegen
Seed Technology and Business Gary Munkvold
Sociology Susan Stewart
Soil Science Jeff Wolt
Statistics Mark Kaiser
Sustainable Agriculture Mary Wiedenhoeft
Sustainable Environments Mimi Wagner
Systems Engineering Dave Sly
Teaching English as a Second Language/Applied Linguistics Linda Shenk
Toxicology Richard Martin
Transportation Jing Dong
Urban Design Miriam Engler
Veterinary Clinical Science Albert Jergens
Veterinary Microbiology Nancy Cornick
Veterinary Pathology Jesse Hostetter
Veterinary Preventive Medicine Daniel Linhares
Wildlife Ecology Stephen Dinsmore
Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy John Jackman

DOGEs for Minors

Program DOGE Email
Applied Scientific Computing Paul Durbin
Biorenewable Chemicals Raj Raman
French Ruxandra Looft
German Ruxandra Looft
Latin Ruxandra Looft
Linguistics John Levis
Philosophy Heimir Geirsson
Russian Ruxandra Looft
Spanish Ruxandra Looft
Speech Communication Ben Crosby
Technology and Social Change Arne Hallam
Women's and Gender Studies Ann Oberhauser