Discover Your Career Path

Cyclone Career Strategy

The goal for the Cyclone Career Strategy is to provide a time-bound and organized opportunity to research, investigate and develop a career search plan. This strategy gives you 4 steps that will help you develop an active career plan: 1.) self-assessment, 2.) building a network, 3.) participating in Informational Interviews, and 4.) developing SMART Goals. All within the suggested time-limit of 10 hours. Click here for detailed information.

Career Self-Assessment

Individual Development Plan (MyIDP)

The goal of the MyIDP is to provide a planning process that identifies both professional development needs and career objectives. IDPs serve as a communication tool between students/scholars and their mentors.

Sciences & Engineering

For graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in sciences and engineering, we recommend using AAAS’ free online tool myIDP. This tool asks a series of questions about the following:

IDP Video Series

Prepared by Craig Ogilvie, former Assistant Dean of the Graduate College

These short videos are designed to give useful tips and assist with the process of developing an IDP.

The tools provides several suggestions for possible career matches. It also contains links to career resources and tools to help you develop concrete plans, attend workshops, networking etc.

Imagine Ph.D.

Social Sciences & Humanities

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars: Imagine Ph.D. is a useful tool that allows you to explore your options in great detail if desired. This new career exploration and planning tool is helpful in discovering career paths that are organized by job families. Take as much time as you need to take the Self-Assessment, Explore Options, Narrow Options, and Make a Plan:


The ImaginePhD - My Plan can be shared in a draft form with the mentor(s) at the meeting where the graduate student or postdoctoral scholar accomplishments and goals will be discussed in light of the core competencies and the graduate student’s career aspirations.


CyHire is Iowa State University’s online system for managing activities related to preparing for and seeking professional employment.

CyHire allows you to create a profile, store documents, search and apply for jobs, participate in OCR (on-campus recruiting), research employers, schedule counseling appointments, view career fair participants, see details on upcoming workshops and information sessions, and manage your calendar. CyHire is used by employers to post all professional employment opportunities (co-ops, internships and full-time positions). It should be one of your primary sources for employment information because employers that use the system are specifically looking to hire ISU students and alumni.

Academic College Career Services

Iowa State University Career Services is a coordinated network of career services offices offering a broad range of programs and services for undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and employers. We encourage you to explore the college or university websites listed below to learn more about career services at Iowa State.

College Offices

University Offices