Making Connections


Networking is defined as identifying and developing professional relationships or acquaintances with individuals within or outside your field of study.

Networking is imperative during the job search process. Approximately 70-80% of jobs are not advertised, according to College Recruiter. This means it will take a strong network to find the jobs you most want.

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Informational Interviews

What is an Informational Interview?

Informational Interviews are informal opportunities to speak to professionals currently working in a specific area of interest to you. Learn first-hand about working in the field and/or company. Knowledge gained from an informational interview is not usually accessible online. It is not a job interview, and the focus is not to learn about job openings.

Why should I seek out an Informational Interview opportunity?

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Career Search Websites

Please consider these resources...

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Graduate Learning Communities

Several Graduate Student Learning Communities started at ISU in Fall 2012. Because of the success of these GLCs, we are encouraging other programs and departments to start their own GLCs to enhance the graduate student experience at Iowa State. We also invite distance graduate programs to propose virtual GLCs.

The cornerstones of a GLC are:

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