Karas Award Recipients

Year Name of Student Academic Association(s) Discipline
2018 Mohamed Elkashef Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering Mathematical and Physical Sciences, & Engineering
2018 Guolei Yang Computer Science
2017 Eric Gangloff Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology Biological Sciences
2017 Matthew Margis History Humanities & Fine Arts
2016 Holly Walen Chemistry Mathematical and Physical Sciences, & Engineering
2014 Mahdi Javanbakht Mechanical Engineering Math and Physical Science and Engineering
2013 John Dustin Loy Veterinary Microbiology Biological Sciences
2013 Sara Egge Agricultural History and Rural Studies Social Sciences
2012 Brenda Carrillo-Conde Chemical and Biological Engineering Mathematical and Physical Science & Engineering
2011 Elena Cotos English Humanities and Fine Arts
2011 Hongxin Jiang Biological Sciences
2010 Sarah Cady Chemistry
2008 Michelle A. Ihmels Kinesiology
2007 George Kevin Randall Human Development and Family Studies
2002 Hongli Feng Economics
2001 Wendy Reed Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
1999 Patricia Hipple Sociology
1997 Jeffrey Kahn Psychology