International Postdoctoral Research Associates

Taxes and Benefits for International Postdoctoral Associates

Need help to file your taxes? If you are a nonresident, ISSO offers a free software package available on or before February 1st each year to help you file your taxes. Watch for an e-mail from ISSO after the first of the year announcing its availability.  If you are a resident for tax purposes, the Accounting club at ISU provides on-campus help for taxes.  Please note that those in F-1 or J-1 student status generally become residents for tax purposes in the sixth calendar year after their first arrival in the U.S.  Those in J-1 scholar status generally become residents in their third year.  Holders of H-1 status are residents for U.S. income tax purposes after 183 days in the U.S.  For more information, contact ISSO.

Health insurance is available for you, your spouse and children. However, non-residents are not eligible for retirement benefits. You become eligible after you become a permanent resident (green card).