Interdisciplinary Electronic Arts Cluster

This cluster provides a graduate track for interdisciplinary study in electronic arts.  It is best suited for students interested in creative work that focuses on the integration of electronic arts.  The cluster may focus entirely on electronic arts or may integrate electronic arts with another discipline. 


The Interdisciplinary Electronic Arts cluster is best suited for students who have an undergraduate major or minor in one of the listed disciplines, with significant coursework in the others.  Students with a solid background in one of the electronic arts with a major in another discipline may also consider choosing this cluster. Students may be asked to submit a portfolio of sample creative work, including a description of techniques and hardware/software used (if applicable) and a brief description of thematic and structural elements for each work, prior to admission into graduate electronic media courses.

Program of Study in the Interdisciplinary Electronic Arts Cluster

Ideally, students will select 9-12 credits in each of three disciplines, two of which must provide coursework in electronic arts while a third discipline may be selected more generally from the humanities or sciences. A 5-credit creative component is completed in consultation with the student’s thesis committee.

Possible Configurations

The ideal configuration of disciplines will achieve a balanced interaction of subject matter and/or techniques from the three disciplines.  Often, a student will select courses available in each discipline in relation to concepts, themes, and media anticipated for the thesis.

Disciplines and Courses Available in the Interdisciplinary Electronic Arts Cluster

Integrated Studio Arts:

Sample Programs of Study in the Integrated Electronic Arts Cluster

Computer Game Design (Ancient Rome theme):
Multimedia Dramatic Storytelling: