Iowa State draws graduate students from around the nation and the world. How do these students find out about ISU? Over 60% hear about a particular research programs from a faculty member they work with as an undergraduate. Hence a key recruiting strategy is to develop faculty-to-faculty partnerships between ISU and other universities.

Many of these occur naturally as part of ISU faculties' research programs, but there is room for developing strategic relationships with regional liberal arts colleges and with national minority-serving institutions.

To develop and nurture these relationships, we are inviting applications from ISU faculty to be Ambassadors to selected regional liberal arts colleges, regional universities, and national minority-serving institutions. In this first round we are looking for ~ dozen ambassadors from a specific list of institutions that we currently draw students and underrepresented students from.

Please consider applying to be an Ambassador if you have a relationship with one of the following schools. If a school is not listed, please contact Craig Ogilvie,

Regional Historically Black Colleges/Universities Hispanic Serving Institutions
Buena Vista University Alabama A&M University California Polytechnic State University
Central College Delaware State University California State Univ-Bakersfield
Cornell College Jackson State University California State Univ-Fresno
Drake University North Carolina A&T State University California State Univ-Long Beach
Grinnell Savannah State University Florida International University
Luther Southern University and A&M College New Mexico State University
Purdue University Spelman College Northern Arizona University
Simpson Tennessee State University San Diego State University
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison Tuskegee University San Jose State University
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Texas State University-San Marcos
University of Iowa University of Maryland Eastern Shore Univ of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities   Univ of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
University of Nebraska At Lincoln   University of New Mexico
University of Northern Iowa University of North Texas
Wartburg College

An ISU Faculty Ambassador would help coordinate contacts between ISU and the other college. For example, the Ambassador would:

  • Build a community of faculty involved in these relationships. This community could include
    • Alumni from ISU at the partner college and alumni from the partner college at ISU.
    • Faculty at both places who have research or teaching partnership
  • Community activities could include
    • Periodic gatherings at both ISU and the partner university
    • Periodic conference calls
  • The ISU Faculty ambassador would facilitate the work of this community. The community activities could include
    • Seminar exchanges
    • Collaborative research proposals.
    • Initial matchmaking, e.g. if the ambassador or other community members knows of faculty with common research interests at the two institutions
    • Encourage ISU PFF graduate students and postdocs to gain teaching experience at the partner universities
    • Work with ISU online to make available some online ISU courses if these meet students' educational goals.
    • Hosting site visits from prospective
  • Communicate with undergraduate students at the partner college about summer research opportunities and graduate college opportunities at ISU
    • If appropriate, arrange someone from to attend undergraduate research symposia at those colleges, either as a recruiter and/or judge.
  • Communicate with admitted graduate students from the partner college while they are deciding and offer to answer any questions.

Application Procedure

Please complete the very short application form by Feb 15, 2013: ISU Ambassador Application

Review Procedure

A small panel from the Grad College's Diversity Council will make a recommendation to the Assistant Dean of the Graduate College. Reviewers will consider the potential for building a significant relationship with the partner university.


  • Each Ambassador and community would have an operating budget of $1000 annually to support small expenditures.
  • The community would be encouraged to submit RECRUIT grants to support larger initiatives.
  • The Graduate College would assist each Ambassador in identifying potential members of the community as well as providing access to information required for their annual report.

Reporting Requirements

Each ISU Faculty Ambassador would submit an annual report including:

  • How often the community met and how
  • The network of faculty relationships that exist between the two universities
  • Any joint research grants or teaching exchanges
  • The number of students who participated in summer REUs from the partner university
  • The number of graduate applicants from the partner university
  • A description of the relationship, including strengths and opportunities.

It is envisaged that each Ambassador will have a 3-year term. Renewing the term will be contingent on the above metrics.

Once per semester, all the ISU Faculty Ambassadors will meet to share experiences and discuss collaborative opportunities.