Printable Quick Reference List

William Graves, Associate Dean
, (515) 231-6954 or 294-2682

  • Admissions administration and oversight
  • Budget and fiscal oversight
  • Administration and oversight of Interdepartmental Programs
  • Oversight of data reports for the Graduate College
  • Adviser for all undeclared graduate students
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS) administration
  • Liaison to Graduate Council and Graduate Curriculum and Catalog Committee
  • Management of Graduate College office and staff
  • Memos and special exceptions review for Graduate College

Craig Ogilvie, Assistant Dean
, 294-5990

  • Manage GMAP program (funding, recruiting, student support, and assessment)
  • Manage Graduate College recruiting of graduate students from under-represented groups
  • Develop external funding for initiatives related to broadening participation in graduate programs
  • Partner with colleges, departments, and programs on recruitment and retention activities
  • Provide data and letters to support faculty developing proposals

Elena Cotos, Academic Communication Program Director
, 294-1958

  • Written communication support for graduate students and post-doctoral associates
    • Disciplinary Peer Mentor Program
    • Research Writing Seminar/Workshop Series
    • Graduate Student Peer Writing Groups
    • Research Writing Tutor (RWT) development and implementation
  • Oral communication support for international graduate students
    • Oral English Certification Test - administration, policies, rating, score reporting
    • English communication courses for international teaching assistants (English/University Studies 180 A, B/C, D)
    • TOEFL iBT online speech sample service administration

Lisa Elm, Clerk III
, 294-4532

  • Responsible for entering and maintaining student permanent record data electronically
  • Review and approve preliminary oral examination requests
  • Analyze records to determine which students should be placed on academic probation or removed from academic probation
  • Enter and remove all holds on graduate student registration
  • Monitor records on a regular basis to determine eligibility for hold release
  • Update Graduate College Handbook
  • Assist in review of graduating students to verify that all requirements have been met
  • Assist with thesis and dissertation review and approval
  • Graduate faculty membership clerical support

Ann Guddall, Program Coordinator
, 294-7811

  • Manage Graduate College expenditures and other financial administrative functions
  • Assist students and Departmental staff with questions/issues pertaining to Postdoctoral and Graduate Assistantship appointments, scholarships, benefits and financial resources
  • Grant Coordinator for grants administered by Graduate College
  • Coordinator of NSF Fellowship program
  • Responsibility to grant final approval for all electronic payroll actions for all graduate assistants and postdoctoral positions
  • Provides classification and tuition assistance either in person, phone or email to students, department staff, major professors and chairs
  • Monitors classification, resolves conflicts and discrepancies involving student records and tuition
  • Serve as Graduate College representative to Registration and Classification, Student Health Insurance Committee, and Electronic Payroll Forms Committee

Thelma Harding, Program Coordinator and Director of the McNair Program
, 294-2868

  • Provides assistance to and advise the assistant dean of the Graduate College regarding recruitment, admission, mentoring, and retention of under-represented graduate students and related budget matters
  • Primary contact for GMAP, AGEP, and GWC nominations and processing
  • Leads and manages the Iowa State University McNair Program

Joyce Meier, Record Analyst
, 294-1565

  • Process programs of study (POS) for all graduate students, checking for accuracy of information and adherence to all policies and regulations specified by the Graduate College
  • Process committee appointments for all graduate students checking for accuracy of information and adherence to all guidelines specified by the Graduate College
  • Read and analyze all memos regarding graduate students and forward to appropriate individuals for approval
  • Update the graduate major system

Zayira Jordan, Assistant Director of the McNair Program and Post Doctoral Associate
, 294-5020

  • Provides assistance to and advise the McNair director on all program matters
  • Responsible for the academic research component of the program, which includes course content development and teaching of the first two courses (U ST 301 and 302) in the required course series; work with and advise as needed all first year McNair students
  • Serve as primary contact for all faculty mentors working with first year McNair students
  • Primary contact for program website

Annie Hawkins, Postdoctoral Officer and Graduate Student Professional Development
, 294-0419

  • Professional Development
  • Postdoctoral Appointments

LaVerne Williamson, Student Services Specialist
, 294-7916

  • Coordinate all applications for graduation for each term, determine eligibility of students to remain on the graduation list
  • Track progress of graduate students and let them know what requirements are still outstanding, provide graduation information to programs
  • Communicate verbally and by e-mail with faculty and students regarding academic requirements
  • Approve, deny or request information for Final Oral Examinations and Coursework Only Checklists
  • Determine registration requirements for graduating graduate students
  • Check and approve final grades for students who are graduating
  • Coordinate the final graduation list with the Registrar based on final grade eligibility of graduate students
  • Give final approval and sign the Graduate Student Approval Slip for graduating students that have met all requirements
  • Review proposals for handbook and catalogs and comment on changes
  • Set up deadlines for academic terms for graduation requirements and downloads
  • Create and update graduation flyers and deadlines for the academic calendar
  • Create and review changes to new forms and old forms with requirement changes

Karl Schindel, Information Technology/Data Analyst
, 294-1674

  • Manage Graduate College data
  • Produces data reports for the Graduate College
  • Manage entire web presence (websites and portal)
  • Reviews and purchases all technology for the Graduate College
  • Assists with thesis and dissertation review and approval
  • Provides tech support for thesis issues
  • IT liaison between Graduate College and all other technology groups

Charlene Shaw, Clerk III
, 294-4531

  • Admissions: first point of contact for all processing of new, file maintenance, i.e.; releasing, questions, etc.
  • Lead receptionist: first to answer main Graduate College phones, first to counter, answer and/or direct all questions, complaints, etc.
  • Backup Secretary II position: cover most aspects of Linda‚Äôs desk during absences, i.e.; IGS, graduation, experimental course forms, etc.
  • Support Assistant Dean of Graduate College: scheduling, special projects, etc.
  • Support Assistant Dean & Coordinator, Recruitment and Retention: help with all aspects of recruitment efforts of Graduate College.
  • Produce monthly Graduate College Newsletter: to all registered graduate students, faculty, GradSup, staff, Postdocs, etc.
  • Awards: Teaching and Research Excellence awards, Margaret Ellen White, Zaffarano prize, and Karas award.
  • Distribution lists: devise and maintain all office distribution lists, i.e.; DOGEs, GradSup, Graduate Admissions group, etc.
  • Incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Key coordinator.
  • Standing orders.
  • Graduate College printing: forms provided to programs, students, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Attend monthly Graduate Admissions group meetings, provide input and administrative support.

Judy Strand, Assistant to the Associate Dean
, 294-5285

  • Graduate Council and Graduate Curriculum Committee agenda items, administrative support, proposals for new programs, minors, specializations
  • Development and implementation of Graduate College processes and policies
  • Online paperless process for Committee and POS forms
  • Theses and dissertations submission process: final review, answering questions, embargoes/holds, web information, and NSF-sponsored Survey of Earned Doctorates
  • Thesis seminars for students and staff to outline the procedures and requirements for ISU theses/dissertation process
  • Advisor non-degree graduate students
  • Admissions: approval of non-degree seeking applicants and exceptions to standard admission
  • Term Graduate Faculty nominations and renewals
  • Graduate College award/fellowship programs (Karas, Margaret Ellen White, Miller Fellowships, Research and Teaching Excellence awards, MAGS, and the Zaffarano Prize)
  • Administration and oversight of interdepartmental programs
  • Experimental Course forms for graduate classes, dual listed courses (4XX/5XX), and interdisciplinary programs

Linda Thorson, Secretary II
, 294-1170

  • Oversees non-native English requirement reporting
  • Processes experimental course announcements
  • Support for the Thesis Office - reviewing forms and theses when they are submitted, recording dates of submission, answering questions
  • Primary support for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS) program
  • Coordinates commencement for the Graduate College
  • Monitors purchasing and travel for staff
  • Monitor payroll
  • Co-receptionist duties
  • Back-up to Clerk III in admission processes